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本文摘要:DELL officially opened its new operations site in Chengdu yesterday to expand its presence in China, its second-largest market.戴尔新的运营基地昨天在成都月开业,以不断扩大在它的第二大市场中国的业务。


DELL officially opened its new operations site in Chengdu yesterday to expand its presence in China, its second-largest market.戴尔新的运营基地昨天在成都月开业,以不断扩大在它的第二大市场中国的业务。The new facility will combine manufacturing, customer services and sales for the US-based computer giant.新的设施将为这家美国计算机巨头把生产、客服以及销售牵头一起。Located in the Chengdu High-Tech Zone, the new site covers about 30,000 square meters, roughly the size of four soccer fields. It will deploy a workforce of 1,500 to manufacture desktop computers for China, Europe and the US. Capacity is expected to reach 7 million units a year.坐落于成都高新区,新址覆盖面积3万平方米,约四个足球场大。

它将容纳1500名员工为中国、欧洲和美国生产台式电脑。生产能力未来将会超过每年700万台。The Dell Chengdu Operations Site is a milestone in Dells Go West strategy and underscores our deep commitment to the China market, said Admit Midha, president of the companys Asia-Pacific and Japan operations and chairman.“戴尔成都运营基地是戴尔的“西进”战略的一个里程碑,突显了我们耕耘中国市场的允诺,”戴尔亚太及日本地区总裁闵毅达说道。


The first shipments from the new facility are scheduled to start next month. The site is designed to become a key part of Dells global supply chain.新的设施中的第一批计划下月开始。该基地目的沦为戴尔全球供应链的一个关键部分。Fifteen years after first entering China, Dell is now the countrys largest provider of computers, including desktops and laptops, and is also a dominant supplier of servers, with 80 percent of Chinese Internet companies as clients.戴尔首次转入中国的十五年之后,它目前是国内仅次于的电脑供应商,还包括台式机和笔记本电脑,也是服务器的主要供应商,享有80%的中国互联网公司的客户。

The establishment of Dells Chengdu operations site is also expected to help attract worldwide suppliers to the city and to spur related manufacturing industries in the area, the company said.创建戴尔成都运营基地也将有助更有全球供应商回到这座城市,并造就该地区的涉及制造业发展,该公司回应。In 2012, the company procured US$20 billion worth of goods in China, contributing to Chinas gross domestic product and creating about one million jobs.2012年,该公司在中国取得了价值200亿美元的产品,对中国的国内生产总值作出了贡献,并建构了大约一百万个工作岗位。



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